Peter Biffin

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Peter Biffin is one of Australia's leading instrument makers, maintaining an international presence at the highest level for the last thirty years. The quality of his work has been recognised by: Queen Elizabeth II (Silver Jubilee Medal); the Australian Government (Cultural Exchange Program, Dept Foreign Affairs); the Australia Council (Craft Board, several grants, Music Board, grant for tarhu research ); and musicians across the globe.

Peter's reputation has been built on creating instruments with the unusual combination of great subtlety in tone colour production with unprecedented power and projection. His skills in acoustics, combined with a fine eye for beauty in design have brought some of the worlds leading musicians to playing his instruments, including Ross Daly (tarhu, lyra tarhu, nak tarhu and kamancheh tarhu), Habil Aliev (kamancheh tarhu), Kayhan Kalhor (shah kaman), Imamyar Hasanov (kamancheh tarhu), Joe Pass and Ry Cooder (acoustic jazz guitars), Hopkinson Smith (lute ) and Xavier Diaz (baroque guitar ).

The current work with Spike Fiddles draws upon several decades of research and development in the workshop combined with Peter's musical abilities. Peter has performed on his own instruments across Australia and New Zealand, and with the David Hykes Trio has played tours including Mexico, USA, France and the Festival of Asian Arts in Hong Kong. In 2002 he performed at the Knee Fiddle Magic festival in Rudolstadt Germany with Ross Daly, Kayhan Kalhor and Dhruba Gosh..