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Andreas Kung

"The demands you make on a recorder are important to us and we would like to get you enthusiastic about our instruments!"

"Kung Recorders is a manufacturers company where craftsmanship mixes up with highend technology."

Kung Recorder Manufacturing Company was founded in 1933 by Franz Kung. The company is managed today by Andreas and Thomas Kung.

Measuing a recorder


The chart delow details information on the available models of Kung recorder. All recorders come with cases. For recorders over $1000 (aust) you will need to email, fax or call to talk to us on 61 26772 2205.

Sopranino STUDIO

Pearwood $145


Maple $145

1203 Cherrywood
Soprano STUDIO (two-piece)
1301 Pearwood $130
1302 Maple $130
1303 Cherrywood $145
1311 Stained Maple $130
1901 Folklora in Pear $270
1906 Folklora in Palisander $520
1401 Pearwood $330
1402 Maple $330
1403 Cherrywood $420
1411 Stained Maple $330
Tenor STUDIO (without a key)
1501 Pearwood $490
1502 Maple $490
1503 Cherrywood $590

Pear stained $490

1581 Pearwood (angled) $630
2301 Pearwood $290
2304 Plumwood $360
2306 Rosewood $480
2308 Rosewood $550
2309 Olive $550
2401 Pearwood $610
2404 Plumwood $810
2406 Palisander $850

Rosewood $910

2409 Olive $910
2501 Superio in Pear $1190
2503 Superio in Cherry $1320
2509 Superio in Olive $1745
Bass SUPERIO (angled)
2601 Pearwood $1995
2603 Cherrywood $2350
Grossbass SUPERIO (angled)
2722 Maple (stained) $4350
Sopranino CLASSICA
KC3207 Kung Classica Grenadilla $340
KC3208 Kung Classica Rosewood $340

Studio - The universal instrument for beginners and for ensemble playing.

Full sound, balanced tone, good, easy response in all registers. Recorders for everyone who would like to start with a fine quality instrument. Their dark, warm sound is also very suitable for ensemble playing.

Special Studio instruments are angled (without key) for small hands and short arms!




Folklora is a whole tone lower than the soprano in C, and this recorder in B flat sounds deeper and stronger from the beginning. It is used in Swiss folk music, but is also used by pro’s who appreciate its very special sound.























Superio - The dynamic instrument for soloists.

Baroque sound and dynamic playing. The narrow wind-channel needs slightly more respiratory pressure, but provides pleasent blowing resistance. Playing is thus made easier.

Example Kung Recorder Prices ($AUD including Australian GST tax of 10%):

Please note: Prices are subject to change.

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